Papillon is an Australian artist and environmental scientist who, through an interplay of visual art, writing and performance, explores issues around contemporary society’s destructive relationship with its own environment.

Inspired in part by graffiti in the urban environment, Papillon’s visual art often takes the form of interventions or installations in nature, typically utilising synthetic, out-of-context materials to fashion works that can simultaneously beautify and desecrate their setting. He works primarily with found objects and recycled materials, refusing new materials to the greatest extent possible.

Papillon is particularly drawn to the areas of tension that lie between opposing forces and ideas and his work is often a playful exploration of boundaries. His art, research and writing are informed by multiple degrees in the sciences, arts and business, including a PhD in evolutionary ecology, and a 20 year career researching biodiversity conservation, climate change and human land use.



Papillon lives and works full time in nature, camping and making art in various natural settings as opportunity arises. He strives to minimise his personal ecological footprint as well as his participation in the monetary economy. His work is non-commercial but he is pragmatic about the need for monetary exchange at times.

Keen to meet and work with others who share his passion for the earth and its beauty, he welcomes opportunities for exchange with other artists, musicians, conservationists and educators, or even whole communities. Get in touch and lets start the conversation! 


c/o the forest

Photos by Papillon unless otherwise credited.

self portrait - Papillon 2018